New Pig Corporation

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Supplier: New Pig Corporation
Address: One Pork Ave., Tipton, PA, 16684-0304
Phone: 814-684-0101, 800-468-4647 (toll free)
Fax: 800-621-7447
Services: Distributor, Manufacturer
Founded: 1985

New Pig Corporation are based in PA but will deal with the following markets: Latin America/Caribbean, Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico.

A Full Line Of Pig? Brand Absorbents: Mats, Socks, Pans, Pillows & Loose Materials That Absorb Oils, Coolants, Water, Acids, Caustics & Solvents. Additional Product Lines Include: Storage & Handling, Containment, Spill Response, Personal Protection Equipment, Safety: Disposal Wipers; Pre-Moistened Wipers; Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers; Floor Safety Products; Filtration, Oil Water Separators; Patch & Repair; Drain Barriers; Leak Diverters; Drum Accessories; Barricades; Guards; Bumper Post Protectors: Technical Compliance, Regulations, Maintenance & Good Housekeeping