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Description: Software to track frozen samples in the laboratory.

Summary: Freezer Inventory and Sample Tracking Solutions - Freezerworks - Freezerworks is now Free! Celebrating 21 years with a special offer! Dataworks Development, Inc. has been delivering quality data and sample management solutions to research and clinical laboratories since 1987. Our mission is to provide software that is both configurable and secure. Our focus is on freezer inventory, sample tracking and sample management for laboratories and biorepositories. We offer two software solutions: Freezerworks Basic and Freezerworks Unlimited. Let us help you decide which program is best for you.Tracking valuable samples and specimens is critical for research and biotech laboratories. The Freezerworks product line offers a complete solution, meeting GLP and FDA Guidelines, including 21 CFR part 11 requirements, for individual labs in universities, clinics, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  And all Dataworks Development software is written and validated according to FDA Guidelines for Software Development.

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Information: As the name suggests, Freezerworks Unlimited will definitely manage your archived samples without a hitch. However, since Freezerworks is user configurable and user definable, it can grow and develop as your needs change. We originally intended to have Freezerworks track and manage our archived samples and test data. Now, we also use Freezerworks to manage our patient registry database, collect data for processed samples, manage our media and reagents inventory, track expendable supplies as well as all our equipment and service dates.